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M4 : Creative Design Agency
Media that matters™

M4 is a fiercely creative studio that develops media solutions for a wide range of clients and industries. Our combined creative and business experience translates into relevant solutions for our clients.

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Web Development

Web development, SEO/SEM, e-commerce, CMS, social media, media placement and other online marketing strategies are all subsets of our ultimate goal – which is to improve your online revenue performance.

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Website Design and Web Applications
Logo and Corporate Branding Services
Identity and Brand Design

Building an identity and brand requires more than creating a spiffy logo and great business cards. Your identity can be found in everything you do; it articulates your company’s message, goods and services, and the ways in which you do business. Your brand and identity is more than looking good, it’s about being good.

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Media that Moves You

M4 has a reputation for creating media that is meaningful and moving. Whether you need to produce a documentary, educational, promotional, advertising or marketing spot, we will work with your team to identify your specific audience, understand their needs, and speak to them. When your media matters, make it move.

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Video and Film Production, Motion Graphics, Special Effects
iPhone, iPod, iPad, Droid, and Blackberry Applications
Mobile Apps for Mobile Minds

Mobile applications have taken an substantial and permanent position in today’s market place. As a result, we’ve got our elves working on some exciting applications for iPhones, iPads, Droids and other mobile platforms. If you need to develop mobile applications, we can help.

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Making the Social Net Work™

Social media isn’t rocket science but rather a social science. Understanding why users make the choices they do. Spend 5 minutes talking to us about social media and it will be clear that we know what we’re talking about. In fact, we love social media so much we’re building our own social media properties. Visit with us and we’ll show you our work.

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Social Applications, Social Media